Joey Owen, B.S.

Joey Owen

Position Title
Ph.D. Student in Genetics

Current Graduate Student



B.S., Genetics, University of California, Davis
A.A., Chemistry, Orange Coast College


Genetic containment of livestock via CRISPR-mediated gene knock-in.


Owen, J.R., Young, A.E., De Aguiar, L.H., Ross, P.J., Van Eenennaam, A.L. 2018. Genetic containment in livestock via CRISPR-mediated gene knock-in. Abstract: Society for the Study of Reproduction (SSR) 51st Annual Meeting, July 10-13, 2018, New Orleans, LA.

Owen, J.R., Noyes, N., Young, A.E., Prince, D.J., Blanchard, P.C., Lehenbauer, T.W., Aly, S.S., Davis, J.H., O'Rourke, S.M., Abdo, Z., Belk, K., Miller, M.R., Morley, P., Van Eenennaam, A.L. 2017. Whole-Genome Sequencing and Concordance Between Antimicrobial Susceptibility Genotypes and Phenotypes of Bacterial Isolates Associated with Bovine Respiratory Disease. G3-Genes Genomes Genetics 7:3059-3071.

Wolf Z., Vernau K., Safra N., Shelton D., King J., Owen J.R., Weich K., Bannasch D. 2017. Association of early onset myasthenia gravis in newfoundland dogs with the canine major histocompatibility complex class I. Neuromuscular Disorders 27(5):409-416.