May 23, 2024

Gene Editing in the Beef Industry – Where Are We Now?
Cattlemen’s Conference - Blueprint for The Future - Part 2, Stillwater, OK

May 22, 2024

Gene Editing in Food Animals: What, Why, How and Where?
Cattlemen’s Conference - Blueprint for The Future - Part 2, Stillwater, OK

May 8, 2024

Science Friction: Can effective communication save genome editing from the fate of GMOs?
Cattle Australia Breakfast Symposium, BEEF2024, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia

May 6, 2024

Out-numbered - How EBVs actually work and why you should use them
BEEF2024, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia

March 13, 2024

Biotechnology and the Future of Dairy panel discussion
Global ingredients Summit in Reno, NV

March 12, 2024

Gene editing: From the general public perspective
ASAS 2024 Midwest Section Meeting Billy Day Symposium, Madison, WI

March 1, 2024

Large Animal Models to Advance our Understanding of Genetic-driven Pulmonary Vascular Disease
17th International Conference Neonatal & Childhood Pulmonary Vascular Disease, San Francisco, CA

February 27, 2024

Animal health and food safety analyses of six offspring of a genome-edited hornless bull
National Academy of Sciences - State of Knowledge and Research Needs Regarding Heritable Genomic Modification in Food Animals: A Workshop, Washington, DC

February 15, 2024

Global Status of Gene Edited Food Animals and their Products
100th USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum, Washington, DC

January 19, 2024

Genome Editing Approaches for Livestock —Advancing Animal Health and Welfare
Davis High School Women in Stem, Davis, CA