Making a CRISPR Cow

This 30 minute video details the making of a CRISPR calf named Cosmo. It follows the scientific journey of PhD student Joseph Owen as he goes from concept, through the ups and downs until the eventual birth of a calf in 2020. 

CRISPR Cows and TALEN Tofu

Video prepared for the Genome Writers Guild Conference in 2020 - produced in my house with the help of my COVID-constrained rising junior Alec Van Eenennaam

Can't stop the feeding!

Published on Sep 6, 2016

Video - Cheerleaders for Science

Video - NPR Science Friday: Grabbing the Horns From the Bull


This 4 minute piece is a parody written to the song "but first let me take a selfie" by the Chainsmokers. The video shows scifies of female plant and animal breeders from around the world emphasizing the important role women play in this field - both historically and at the current time - and also emphasizing the passion these women have for science, their careers and their family lives.

Published on Jan 10, 2016

Precision Breeding Offers New Alternative to Dehorning Cattle

Holstein dairy cows typically have their horns removed ("disbudded") when they are calves. Scientists have now discovered a way of using precision breeding techniques to make the typically-horned Holstein naturally polled (hornless) thus avoiding the uncomfortable disbudding procedure.

The Cornell Alliance for Science
December 17, 2015

How Prolific Are Your Sires?

Allison Van Eenennaam, University of California-Davis beef geneticist, talks about research on sire prolificacy and how DNA can aid in finding the bulls that make a ranch the most money.
 Aired: October 29, 2013

2013 ASAS Video Competition winner: "GENE SHOP" - UC Davis, Department of Animal Science

This 5 minute video is a parody of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” in which Dr. Van Eenennaam and UC Davis students engagingly emphasize the importance of funding for agricultural research.
Aired: May 28, 2013

NCBA's Cattlemen to Cattlemen video series: BRD Coordinated Agricultural Project

A look at the work one group is doing to discover new methods for fighting Bovine Respiratory Disease
For More Information about BRD-CAP

Aired:  Tuesday, October 16, 2012