Human Health

Genome edited Pigs approved for Food Use
GalSafe pigs are free of detectable alpha-gal sugar. Tissues and organs from GalSafe pigs could potentially address the issue of immune rejection in patients receiving xenotransplants, as alpha-gal sugar is believed to be a cause of rejection in patients.

Pharmaceutical production from transgenic animals
Basic information on the topic, with easy-to-follow charts and illustrations.

Xenotransplantation from transgenic animals
CRISPR technology may enable the use of pig organs and tissues to save lives.

Food Production

Biotechnology and Food SafetyFAO/WHO Expert Consultation on Safety Assessment of Foods Derived from Genetically Modified Animals including Fish (2003)

Conservation of the Environment

EnviropigTM – biotech pigs that use plant phosphorus more efficiently. China has subsequently developed two lines of transgenic pigs that express microbial enzymes in their saliva to increase feed use efficiency.